Today, a French citizen consumes an average of 70 grams of sugar per day, which is the equivalent of 14 coffee spoons. For the past few years, health experts and medias are pulling the alarm bell and pointing out the addictive effect of sugar. But even though this overconsumption is at the core of the French preoccupations, only a few solutions are offered to help them change their habits. Intermarché is the only French retailer to produce its goods in its own production units in France. In order to launch and explain its new marketing strategy «Producteur Commerçant» («Farmer/Retailer») in France, Intermarché is looking for actions which prove this competitive edge. With SUGAR DETOX, we launched a range of products with individual portions and cup after cup declining sugar rate. Cup after cup, we kept the same recipe with a decreasing sugar rate, ending up with a cup that has 50% less sugar than the first one! Step by step, we discover a less sweet recipe, but not a less tasty one.

Role: Creative, Copywriter