The efficiency of diets in the long-term is increasingly challenged. How can a water that has always been associated with slimming reverse this trend? Contrex decided to change our perspective on slimming: Slimming doesn’t have to be boring. A point-of-view the brand would not only claim, but also prove. From 26th to 28th August 2011, we placed 10 exercise bikes on a square. These bikes were linked to a string of LED fairy lights.Pedalling on these bikes made the lights switch on, and gradually form the shape of a giant stripper.The faster the passers-by pedalled, the more the stripper got naked.Once completely naked, he came back with a board on the hips congratulating the girls for having burnt 2000 Calories.

Role: Creative, Art Director


The event was turned into a TV and web commercial.


To bring the new approach to life "slimming doesn't have to be boring", we organized for a second time a big event Contrex. On 6th September 2012, at 9.30PM, at the Paris University Campus, a big fire broke out.Muscled men appeared at the windows, calling for help and encouraging passers-by to get on steppers placed in front of the burning building.The steppers activated powerful water jets that gradually extinguished the fire.The faster passers-by were stepping, the faster the fire was going out.

Role: Creative, Art Director & Copywriter